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The lightest and reliable carbon tubular wheels
The ultimate union between lightness and aerodynamics, high reliability carbon tubular wheels
A set of aerodynamic carbon wheels for maximum requirements on road and triathlon
The fastest time trial and triathlon solution. A wheel with maximum efficiency in the wind tunnel. No turbulence produced by the spokes and the wind passes unhindered.
Maximum efficiency for chrono with an aerodynamic design developed in the wind tunnel, respecting the weight as there are mountain triathlons.
ULTRA lightweight XC‐Racing wheels
ULTRA lightweight XC‐Racing wheels
Super light last generation carbon clincher wheels with extra wide and strong rims.
An incredibly fast carbon front wheel with maximum aerodynamic performance, also for harsh wind conditions.
XC RACE performance and light weight at a very competitive price.
A very light and durable all mountain disc wheel set for everyday use and hard training conditions.
MTB All mountain Disc wheels